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A very special thanks goes out to the awesome ladies of the Mary Custis Lee chapter of the UDC for hosting "The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain". You showed us what Southern Hospitality is all about!! 

Capt King swearing two new members of th

Congratulations to the Colonel for being inducted to Mechanized Calvary!! 


A special thanks to the General for his appearance at our June 2020 meeting. 


A special thanks to H. K. Edgerton for being our keynote speaker at February's  meeting.


The Gray Ghosts. Mitch Reed, Lt. Commander Rick Gray, Adjutant Randy Bailey, Bobby VanZant, and Commander Jerry Halstead. 

2024 Gen Lee B-Day Party.JPG

We would like to thank the Mary Custis Lee Chapter of the UDC for allowing us to host our annual General Robert E Lee birthday celebration at the UDC memorial building in Clearwater on January 20,2024. It was huge success and a great turnout. There were members from 4 different SCV camps, 3 UDC chapters and 2 OCR chapters in attendance. A special thanks goes out to Compatriot Randy Bailey for starting this celebration so many years ago. Thank you to all that attended.

conf mem day 24.jpg

2024 Confederate Memorial Day Celebration

with the ladies from the

Mary Cutis Lee Chapter UDC 1451

Clearwater Fl. 

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