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Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans is open to all male descendants of any veteran who served honorably in the Confederate armed forces. Membership can be obtained through either lineal (grandfather, great grandfather, etc.) or collateral family lines (uncle, great uncle, etc.) and kinship to a veteran must be documented genealogically. The minimum age for full membership is 12, but there is no minimum for Cadet membership.

To join, click the Application button below, fill it out completely and email to

The following is a list of notable past and present Members of the 

Sons of Confederate Veterans.

I would also like to add our very own Chief of Heritage Operations:

Ben "Cooter" Jones, for those of you that do not know, Ben Jones Played "Cooter" the mechanic on the original "Dukes of Hazzard" tv series.



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